Top 10 ATM industry news and events of 2013

It's been quite some time since i had a serious urge to go back in time. And by that I mean I wish I would have taken advantage of more black friday sales - woulda, coulda, shoulda. So like most people I like to go back and reflect on the year, the impacts, the ups, downs and the lessons I learned. So if you're anything like me you want to be able to look back at what has affected you directly or indirectly. With the help of ATM Marketplace, ATMTrader would like to share with you some of the biggest news topics and blogs in the ATM industry.

10. ATM Skimming

"The Blocker" is considered to be an inexpensive approach to a very expensive problem. This device is secured with six metal rivets and makes it impossible for a thief to install a fake bezel over the machines card reader slot.

9. Diebold's struggle to realize potential.

After going over their second quarter earnings, new president and CEO, Andy Mattes reported that dieblold significantly reduced its outlook for 2013. "while we have a lot of work ahead of us, my overall assessment is that we have a great turnaround opportunity here".

8. Talaris and Glory Group integrate as Glory Global soloutions

This merger combined the companies into a single entity and created one of the world's largest cash management companies

7. Check cashing ATM.

Originally coming to light in March of 2012, it went over the partnership between Genmega and Nexxo Financial Services that offered a promise to place "affordable, reliable check-cashing ATM/kiosks on the strees.

6. MasterCard, NAC announce plan to address April 19 Liability Shift.

On April 11th a detailed stop-gap solution was devised to mitigate fraud risk for IADs that were not ready to accept Maestro EMV transactions. 

5. How cash management will change 2013.

Richard McMurdo, a principal consultant at Glory Global Solutions, predicted that intelligent cash forecasting would help branches run more effectively with the help of improved bank branch design and self service technology.

4. Diebold ATM is a glance at the future.

In January the company introduced a cloud-based ATM with touchscreen interface, cardless accesssibility and teh ability to operate across multiple end points (smartphones, tablets).

3. Wells fargo thinks BIG with Self Service ATMs.

With the help of self service technology and tablet computers, new branches are doing away with the traditional teller counter and placing their staff in open "intimate" invioronments where they can meet customers up close.

2. The Halo

Unveiled in May, the Nautilus Halo was set to replace the popular 1800 series. Taking design tips from Apple the sleek ATM features a recessed pin pad and larger screen.

1. Visa widens EMV to ATMs

In February, Visa announced a roadmap for EMV liability shift for ATMs that. The schedule shows that EMV requirements for VISA will be required one year after MasterCard's deadline for direct ATM acquirers.

2014 is your year to shine. What will you bring to the industry?


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