NationalLink is following “Business as Usual” approach, we made a number of significant changes to our operations to account for the current situation.
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Friday - October 17, 2014

Obama Helps Jump Start EMV

Prior to today, the EMV migration was not mandated by the federal government. However, today President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order to make faderal payments safer, putting more pressure on banks and retailers following recent data breaches that have put consumer information at risk. 

In a statement, the White House said, "(The president) is calling on all stakeholders... to safeguard consumer finances and reduce their chances of becoming victims of identity theft - America's fastest-growing crime."

Both financial institutions and retailers have gone toe to toe over how to improve the electronic payment system for years, arguments that have been maginified since the Target and Neiman Marcus breaches. Financial institutions  feel retailers should bear more of the costs of replacing cards after breaches at their locations, while retailers want FIs to adopt new technology at a slower pace.

Despite their differences both retailers and financial institutions welcome the new executive order stating, "We look forward to working with the White House, Treasury, Commerce and Homeland Security to share our best practices and new technologuies that will aid in the fight against fraud."

The EMV migration should still move forward as expected with the liability shift coming in 2016.


Tuesday - June 9, 2014

NFC, Tap-And-Go cards blamed for rise in crime.

Last October Diebold announced that it is making contactless cardreaders available to financial institutions on a global scale.  However, just last week an Australian police chief blamed NFC (near field communication) otherwise known as tap-and-go for the 5% increase in crime since March 2013. NFC-enabled tap-and-go lets cardholders tap their credit cards against a payment terminal to complete a transaction of up to A$100 ($92.45). Without any form of authorization, tracing the culprit has become incredibly difficult. And it's not just the use of the card, it's the initial theft that police have to deal with. Because these cards are so convenient for thieves to use, the rise of motor vehicle, personal hand bags and home thefts has lead police to believe that the initial targets are in fact these tap-and-go cards.

Retailers look to Supreme Court for help, Interchange battle.

Last July retailers won their case, stating that the federal government set interchange rates too high, ultimately setting a maximum interchange rate. However, in March of this year an appeals court overturned that decision. Merchants have until June 19th to prepare their petition to the Supreme Court, though they have requested the deadline be extended to mid-July. Interchange, the rate retailers are to pay out to card issuers as re-imbursement for supplying cards has only been one reason for the court battles between the National Association of Convenience Stores alongside the  National Retail Federation and the Federal Reserve.  Debit card routing requirements are also on the list of topics that have been argued during the hearings.

Tuesday - May 27, 2014

Nautilus Hyosung: 1500 EMV kits available in July.

ATM Manufacturer, Nautilus Hyosung announced that it will provide its popular model, the MiniBank 1500 with an EMV upgrade kit mid 2014. "With 40,000 NH 1500s still active in the marketplace, we felt it was critical to provide EMV support for this model," said Nautilus Hyosung retail ATM division head Chris Juetten. The EMV upgrade kit will include an EMV card reader, new main board and the appropriate software patch.  Pricing will be announced at a later date.

Wednesday - May 21, 2014

SkyHook: The Cheaper, Portable Bitcoin Solution

Though they are new to the bitcoin industry, Portland based manufacturer of bitcoin ATM machines, Skyhook, has already raised a few eyebrows.  At Bitcoin2014  Skyhook showcased and demoed their open-source bitcoin ATM that starts at $999. Current manufacturers like Robocoin and Lamassu currently sell their terminals from $5,000 - $20,000.

Source -

ATM skimmer found at Grand Central

An ATM skimming device was found on a Metro-North Ticket machine at Grand Central Terminal last week. Metro-North is warning customers to be cautious. An MTA employee noticed the device which had a pinhole camera (used to record a cardholder entering their PIN). Investigators said they removed the device, disabled it, and placed it back on the ticket machine. An arrest was made days later when the suspect returned to retrieve the device.

Source - NBC


Thursday - May 8, 2014

EMV Pricing...

Effective June 1, 2014 an EMV price increase will go into effect on card readers installed on new retail mode
l ATM purchases and upgrades. Order your machines EMV ready!

Source: Nautilus Hyosung

Changes for Better ATM Services

ATM and prepaid industry technology provider, Better ATM Service has announced changes in its leadership. Howard Green will be assuming the role of President and CEO, while the current President and CEO Todd Nuttall will take on the role of EVP of enabling technology. Nuttall rationalized the change in stating the business's plan "has always envisioned growth... we are realigning the senior roles to include Silicon Valley veterans who will help us capitalize on the success we have achieved..."

Sourse: ATMMarketplace

Wednesday - May 7, 2014

Bitcoins in Boston

Pan-Asian restaurant, Moksa, located in the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge, Mass. is that home of Boston's third bitcoin kiosk. Consumers will have the ability to turn cash into Bitcoin and store them in a virtual wallet or paper wallet with a QR code. Chris Yim, co-founder of Liberty Teller said. "Cambridge and Boston are starting to become a major hub of bircoin activity, the MIT Expo this past Saturday was a prime example of that...". Moksa does currently accept bitcoin for meal payment.

Source - ATM Marketplace


Monday - May 5, 2014

Remote CardControl..

Having the ability to literally turn your credit or debit card on and off could actually solve the current fraud dilemma. San Jose software company Ondot Systems, unvailed an application that lets you do just that. You can lock your card,  block withdrawals and online purchases, disable transactions at certain locations and limit the dollar amount of each transaction.  CardControl will not be available to the public however, the plan is to sell it to financial  institutions who can offer it as an added feature to its cardholders.

- Source

Tuesday - April 29, 2014

Bitcoin ATMs make their move...

Robocoin, "bitcoin's first ATM", has shipped 35 bitcoin ATMs to areas around the world, and plan on shipping 50 more before summer. Currently Robocoins are available in Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Singapore, U.K and the Untied States (Texas, California and South Carolina). Robocoin CEO, Jordan Kelley announced that they will be adding machines in Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and additional machines in the U.S.  The company sought to peak legislator’s interest earlier this month with a machine demo in the halls of Congress, allowing members to purchase their own bitcoins.

Source - ATMMarketplace

Don't tread on the ATM...

In Steelton PA Jose Gonzalez found out the hard way what happens when you get a little too angry at an ATM. He was arrested for publically berating an ATM for not giving him his cash. A local television station described it as a "drunken and obscenity-laced tirade" against a convenience store ATM.  Police, whose coffee break was interrupted, arrested Gonzalez during his tirade and said he was greatly disturbed that the ATM simply declined his transaction.  Gonzalez had no cash for bail. 

Source - ATMMarketplace

Kenya is EMV bound...

The country of Kenya (population of 43.18 million) plans to be 70% EMV compliant by the end of the month.  Last yea Kenya’s banking industry adopted EMV for payment cards and phased the program in.  By staying with their plan Kenya has been able to get 100% of their ATMs compliant by last September, and POS terminals followed suit by their proposed December deadline.  As of late march 60% of their card base has been converted to chip-and-PIN. Many banks have outsourced their card services to a third party due to cost. Kenya is expected to complete its EMV transition by the end of May 2014.

Source - ATMMarketplace

Monday - April 21, 2014

Nautilus Hyosung to come out with NH1500 EMV Upgrade Kit...

Nautilus Hyosung has announced that it will provide an EMV upgrade for the popular NH1500. "With over 40,000 1500s active in the marketplace, we felt it was critical to provide EMV support for this model," Chris Juetten, NH retail ATM division head. "With this support Nautilus Hyosung can support EMV for it's entire family of retail ATMs, including the 1800CE/SE, Halo/S, 2700, 5000, 4000." The upgrade (available in Q3 of 2014) will include an EMV card reader, mainboard and software patch. Specific details and pricing will be provided at a later date.

Source: ATM MarketPlace

Verizon gives nod to Encore Networks' LTE router...

The EN-4000 series routers have been certified for use on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. The router can be used as either a primary or back up connection to help reduce cost. "Receiving Verizon certification enables Encore to better serve the growing M2M and Internet of Things market... Our customers can make their network future ready by deploying the right module to enhance their M2M applications reliability." Peter Madsen, President of Encore Networks.

Source: ATM MarketPlace

ATM Transactions on the rise in Pakistan...

Over the last quarter of 2013 ATM transactions have grown to 6.3% in volume and 7.6 % in value, according to State Bank of Pakistan. From October through December 2013, ATMs carried out more than 61.7 million transactions. By the end of the quarter Pakistan claimed about 4.2 ATMs for every 100,000 people (the U.S. has 33.3/100,000). The reason could be due the debit/credit card ratio, debit cards being used 89.6% of the time where as credit cards take the remaining 11.4%.

Source: ATM MarketPlace

ATMs step up amidst Chinese bitcoin struggles...

BTC China installed China's first bitcoin ATM in Shanghai, while on the other side of the China Sea, Mt. Gox (bitcoin exchange) has been denied a reorganization request by a bankruptcy court. The appointed administrator stated that the reorganization would be "difficult for the company to carry out." In December, the Peoples Bank of China forbade banks to trade Bitcoin, so without the ability to operate within FI networks, transactions became nearly impossible. BTC China has threaded the theoretical regulatory needle by launching a mobile app that allows people to trade Bitcoin P2P (peer-to-peer) without an exchange bank, they can also add to their Bitcoin "piggy-bank" by using the Bitcoin ATM in Shanghai, which accepts bitcoins.

Source: ATM MarketPlace


Monday - March 17, 2014

Bitcoin causing strife...

Claimed by Newsweek to be the creator of the digital currency bitcoin, Dorian S. Nakamoto has hired legal councel to help clear his name. In a recent statement given by his attorney earlier today, Nakamoto makes a series of denials in his involvement in the development of "bitcoin". One such statement suggests that he Nakamoto hadn't even heard the term "bitcoin" until newsweek contacted him just a month ago. "I did not create or otherwise work on Bitcoin. I unconditionaly deny the newsweek report." This confusion all started when a March 6th Newsweek article claimed to discover the misterious founder of Bitcoin, only to realize  his name had been mixed up with another "Satoshi Nakamoto" who was mentioned in a 2008 whitepaper that introduced bitcoin.  Nakamoto has gone on to state that this false claim has put him in a bad light due to the recent failures bitcoin has experienced (Mt. Gox and security breaches). It is unclear whethere Nakamoto will pursue legal action, however newsweek is prepared to respond "accordingly". -NBC NEWS


Monday - March 10, 2014

Lottery Coming to an ATM near you...

Welch ATM and the Missouri Lottery have agreed to select convenience stores in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas to test lottery ticket sales at ATMs.  50 C-Stores will be offering Quick Pick purchases for Power Ball and Mega Millions tickets, with another 50 stores to offer this service by the end of the month. This program will more then likely drive more foot traffic as well as create more overall revenue for retailers.

Tuesday - March 4, 2014

Bitcoin Exchange Files for Bankruptcy...

Digital Currency exchange, Mt. Gox has filled for bankruptcy protection in Japan with just over 120,000 creditors. The bankcruptcy follows a recent scam that was discovered around February 7, when a glitch was exposed in the bitcoin protocol resulting in a loss of more than $500 million in value. According to reports at least one customer has already filed suit against the company stating "Mt. gox intentionally and knowingly failed to provide its users with the level of security protection for which they paid."


Monday - March 3, 2014

Digital Donations at ATMs...

ATM customers can now connect with non-profit charitable organizations. Thanks to a software developer known as Digital Donations and Triton Systems, Customers can now donate to charitable organizations with a simple selection menu. Triton is one of the first to test the technology, while Genmega will be soon to follow.

Tuesday - February 25, 2014

Has Target placed a rocket on EMV?

Since the holidays Target has been scrambling to redeem itself. After the information breaches, they recently promised to switch all of their terminals to  smart card readers by the end of the year, (over two years before the MasterCard Liability Shift).

What could this mean for the EMV migration? First and foremost it's a positive thing that such a large company is making a massive transition so soon, but it has also sparked a fire under a few other organizations that have begun to put their heads together to get this transition done quickly and efficiently.

With ATMs, EMV is still on the brink, new machines are starting to come with an EMV ready cardreader, but upgrade kits are what will be in high demand. Could Target's migration get manufacturers to start working together to get their kits out? Not likely, but it will be nice to see some sort of movement since Target will also be issueing "red cards" that are embedded with a smart chip.  If one progresses, shouldnt they all?

Is Cryptocurrency ahead of it's time?

Last week the bitcoin industry may have faced a worst case scenario when Mt. Gox, it's largest exchange experienced problems that did not allow customers to cash in their bitcoins.  A hit such as this can result in a decline of investors and customers and ultimately the decline of Bitcoins themselves. The lack of integrety and security that Bitcoins has offered to the masses could be evidence that Bitcoins are indeed ahead of their time.

Monday - February 17, 2014

Magtek offers magnetic-stripe fingerprints for free...

Based in Seal Beach, California, Magtek -  a provider of secure payment technology made an announcemnt that it will provide merchants with free access to its card authentication data base. This data base stores unique mag-stripe "fingerprints" of payment cards. Magtek says the query will give the retailer authoratative risk management information about each card. If the card is a clone or counterfeit, a red flag alert is reported to the merchant. Conversely a green flag is reported on a genuine card. A free query like this can stop fraud in real time, with or without EMV.

U.S. FI tests voice biometrics...

A U.S. bank is piloting voice biometrics for mobile loging to credit card accounts. The pilot program is only involving employees with Flexperks Travel Rewards Visa Signature cards. The voice biometric system replaces PIN, passwords and security questions with voice authentication.

Ukraine hit by Cyber Attack...

Malicious code was responsible for simultaneously attacking some of the largets banks in Ukraine last weekend. No physical damage was found on any of the machines that were loaded friday and empty on monday.  "The level of cooperation on the cyber criminal side is sadly higher then that of the defending side... The only way to reliably defend against targeted attacks using the latest malicious code is to use proactive technologies." - Denis Gasilin, head of marketing at Stafensoft

Thursday - February 13, 2014

The Argo just got greener...

Already featuring an eco-friendly option of sending SMS text, email or printed receipts, the Argo 7 will now be able to utilize the Fujitsu G60 bill recycling unit. "We want to give our customers the greatest transaction functionality possible when it comes to managing their cash at the ATM," said James Phillips, vice president of sales and marketing for Triton Systems. "As a value added feature, we even have the option to support check cashing and check deposits with the G60s bill validator."


Monday - February 10, 2014

Bitcoins Tumble...

This weekend bitcoin withdrawals were halted as a technical team investigated a problem with a way they were processed. Major exchange, Mt. Gox -  the third biggest bitcoing exchange in the world - blames the drop in exchange rate on  a "critical flaw". On Friday the digital currency fell to $680 having traded at $850 for most of last week.  Today, after the statement by Mt. Gox, the currency fell to less then $540.

First Data fast tracks EMV...

FirstData has qualified with both Visa and MasterCard to offer its faster credit card issuance program to financial institutions.  Partnering with the Members Group, FirstData will be offering financial institutions a streamlined process for issueing chip-and-pin cards. By doing so, they have already seen a 50%-70% reduction in timing. The overall process is shortened thanks to a module that allows clients to have optiones for a more defined process. Also, since Visa and MasterCard support standard EMV Chip profiles, they can elimiate some card testing and certification processes, two major time consuming components.

February 4, 2014

Homeland Security...

FIS, a provider of banking and payments technology, has reached an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security under which the company will serve as a cyber security research partner.   This new partnership is intended to improve the security of financial transactions worldwide. FIS will colaborate with the department of U.S. federal government to address and respond to cyber threats  to the global financial industry.

Canada's Opposition...

A party in Canada, kown as Canada's Opposition is looking to place a 50 cent cap on transactions at bank-network ATMs. "It shouldn't cost Canadians as much as $3 to get access to their own money at a cash machine". Members of Parliament in the House of Commons spent time yesterday debating the issue, and agreed that fees do add up to a number that is unacceptable when the task is just to access funds.  Liberal, Judy Sgro singled out white-label ATMs as being the biggest offenders, however this motion would not include these machines, they would fall under the jurisdiction of the provinces. Conservatives stand by their stance to extending no-cost banking to Canadians.

London's bus fare's go cashless...

A public survey seeking views an the proposed withdraw of cash fares brought in over 37,000 responders. The survey conducted by Transport for London found that only about a third of the responders agreed that cash fares should end altogether. However 75% said they didn't even use cash.  TFL also found that the one percent of Londoners who do pay fares with cash actually cost the city the equivalent of $39.15 million a year. As a result the TFL announced today that it will end  cash payments for bus fares this summer and require all riders to use a contactless payment card or "Oyster Transit Pass".

Top 10 EMV Compliance Consultant Firms... ranked the top ten best EMV coompliance consulting firms for the month of February.  This list was based on a rubric of 5 components: security processes and procedures currently in place, overall efficiency of the payment processing solutions, active monitoring of processes and procedures, encryption methods and the mechanics and practice behind them, and ability to communicate effectively with clients. The list has been reviewed each month to determine which has the best overall service, however the list has not changed since November.

  1. NBS Technologies
  2. Praxell
  3. JCB International Credit Card Ltd.
  4. Ceridian Stored Value Solutions
  5. ArgosRisk
  6. ACHWorks by T$$
  7. Gemalto
  8. ABnote North America
  9. Capital One
  10. PNC Bank



February 3, 2014

In one week the ATMTrader team will be heading out to Orlando, Florida for the annual ATMIA conference.  Visit us at booth 617 to learn what has to offer you!



January 30, 2014


FBI siezes bitcoins...

Across the globe countries are skeptical to accept bitcoins as a legal form of payment. China has already refused to accept the electronic currency all together.  However, the U.S. seems to be looking towards the future, and our only concern is how to tax the digital currency.  Late last year an exotic car dealership "sold" a Lamborghini for 91.4 bitcoins or $103,000. Since bitcoins have not officially been considered to be form of currency, the transaction was treated more like a trade.  Had the Costa Mesa dealership found no way to redeem the bitcoins, the transaction offer would have not been considered.  But now it seems even the federal government will be benefiting from bitcoins.  Last fall the FBI shut down a black market website and arrested its founder for charges of money laundering (among other things). Among the confiscated assets, the buerau discovered almost 174,000 bitcoins on their servers. The FBI is now being permitted to sell 29,655 bitcoins, a value of $28 million.  Having the ability to sell bitcoins is an exciting one at that, but according to a Finextra article,  the sale could actually "flood the bitcoin market" reducing the overall value of bitcoins currently owned in the market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



January 29, 2014

Weather on the East Coast...

Thousands of people were stranded today, some for up to 18 hours after a winter storm made its way across the south.  As a result companies like ATM  transactions processor, Worldpay have been forced to run with limited staff though they are still  100% functional. Atleast one child has been born on the highways since the storm hit.

Wifi's Evil Twin...

ATMMarketplace reminds wireless users to be cautious when using "free" wireless internet at your local coffee shop.  When searching for a wireless connection on your phone or lap top, you may notice "Starbucks WiFi" next to "Starbucks WiFi" witha lock symbol.  Whats the difference? The "unlocked" Wifi access point may be a hacker attempting to look into your activity.  Most people believe that it's easier to connect to an unlocked access point, but remember, those connections are not secure, so beware!

Monitoring the Panama Canal...

Maritime traffic controllers will be using equipment installed and implemented by Diebold.  The designers of a 20-screen, high-resolution video wall, Diebold has enabled controllers to view multiple surveillance camera feeds at once.




January 27, 2014

- Boston based mobile payments provider, Paydiant has obtained a patent on a technology that enables ATM transactions from smartphones. Paydiant is a white label solution provider, and the software solution can be embedded into mobile banking appls through their software development kit.  And because it is software-only, it can be deployed withough installing additional hardware on ATMs.

- ATMTrader will be present at the 15th annual ATM Industry Association Conference and Expo on February 11. Visit us at booth 617!



January 23, 2014

- This Day in History: (1957) The first frisbee is produced by toy company, Wham-O. (1983) NBC debuts the A-TEAM.

- Today Diebold launches "How to deliver a WOW" webinar. -Diebold

- And it has been announced that that Colorado OKs the use of EBT cards in medical marijuana shops, despite the fact that store owners disagree with the decision. The justification is the fact that so many FIs are so spread apart, and until more EBT friendly locations open up, this will be the resolve despite already de-authorizing cardholders from ATMs at liquor stores, strip clubs, casinos and gun shops. -NPQ


January 22, 2014

- This Day in History: (1905) First Russian Revolution begins. (2008) Heath Leadger dies of accidental overdose. (2010) Conan O' Brien maks final appearance on the tonight show.

- Wincor Nixdorf is extending and bundling its portfolio of solutions for processing cashless payment transactions. The company will present a B2B marketplace for Android-based apps that retailers can use to manage their stores, enhance their sales and payment processes and provide value added services.- Wincor Nixdorf

- NCR announced today that Moneycorp has deployed weatherized NCR SelfServ™ 28 ATMs in city center  locations around the U.K. to provide a reliable, secure service for customers.- NCR

- Apple files patent for its products to connect wirelessly to POS terminals. Hinting that the iPhone 6 may have NFC capabilities.


January 21, 2014

- This Day in History: (1977) President Jimmy Carter Grants an unconditional pardon to hundreds of thousands of men who evaded the draft during the Vietnam War.

- FI, North Shore Bank becomes first of it's kind in Wisconson with video tellers. -Source, ATMMarketplace

- Yesterday it was announced that multiple countries have declined to accept Bitcoin as a legal currency. Meanwhile, Denmark has yet to rule on the questions. The U.S. is still figuring out how to monitor and regulate Bitcoin. And the U.K. is trying to decide whether Bitcoin purchases should be subject to tax. -Source, ATMMarketplace



January 17, 2014

- This Day in History: (1994) The Northridge Earthquake rocks Los Angeles, causing billions in damages. The 6.7 magnitude quake was one of the most damaging in U.S. History

- RBR forecasts accelerated growth in the ATM Market through 2018. RBR, a London based strategic research and consulting firm did a study that found that the number of ATMs installed worldwide increased by more than 180,000 during 2012, an 8% growth rate.

- EMVCo. has announced that it will expand its scope of work from chip-based payments to include tokenization. This will help provide a consistent, secure and interoperable enviornment for digital payments transacted with a mobile handset, tablet, computer or other smart devices.



January 16, 2014

- This Day in History: (1950) 11 men stole more than $2 Million from the Brinks Armored Car depot im Boston, MA.  The culprits were not captured until 1956, just days be fore the statute of limitations for the theft expired.

- Unify, formerly known as Siemens Enterpirse Communications, and NCR announced today an agreement that provides Unify customers with expanded field service and support throughout North America.



January 15, 2014

- This Day in History: President Nixon halts the most concentrated bombing of the Vietnam war, as well as minging, shelling and all other offensive action against North Vietnam.

- NCR announced today that leading U.K. supermarket, Morissons has deployed NCR software, SCO (Self-Checkout) and scanner solutions.

- Spanish FI - Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), one of the worlds most innovative banks that focuses on offering its customers an optimum banking experence is relying on Wincor Nixdorf to renew its self-service channel. One of which (a drive-thrru concept) enables customers to consult with a member of the bank staff by video if desired.

- According to sources at ATMMarketplace, there have been talks that MasterCard's liability shift could be delayed after the infamous Target breach that comprimised 110 million cardholders over the holidays. However, Chris McWilton, Mastercard president for North America said: "This migration is about an upgrade that will drive both innovation and security for all of us and, more importantly, consumers and cardholders. The fraud liability shifts we have announced provide incentives to migrate to EMV and not a mandate. Over the past two years, we have been impressed with how the industry has come together to prepare and plan for this migration.That is why we will keep our 2015 liability shift dates – to help maintain this momentum and address the larger fraud threat."


January 13, 2014

- This Day in History: 1967 marked the first Superbowl. Played at the LA Coliseum, the participants were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Greenbay Packers.  The final score, 35-10 -Packers.

- Wincor Nixdorf will be showcasing a trendsetting kiosk app in a "replica" McDonald's enviorniment.
With this app guests will be able to use an "easy order" terminal to place orders and pay by card, simplifying the overall order, food preperation and payment process.

- NTT Data Corporation, a Japanese switching service that connects ATMs of over 1,300 financial institutions, has been admitted into the Asian Payment network. NTT is the first Japanese company to join the APN.

- In the country of Jordan, a mobile payment project is underway to allow Jordanians to use their mobile phones to withdraw money from ATMs, pay bills and make transfers. As a part of this plan the Central Bank of Jordan will allow the country's banks and telcos to launch a mobile wallet concept.


January 9, 2014

- This Day in History: 1493 Italian explorer Chistopher Columbus, sailing near the Dominican Republic, saw three "mermaids", now believed to be manatees. He described them as not as beautiul as they are panted".

- Maybank has introduced Malaysia's first P2P payments service that lets money transfer recipients withdraw cash from an ATM without the need for an ATM card.

- Eight more have been arrested for the $45 million heist almost a year ago from two Middle East FIs.



January 8, 2014

- This Day in History: 1940 - Mussolini Questions Hitlers Plans. Mussoini sends a message to Hitler cautioning him not to go to war against Great Britain.

- Diebold names Octavio Marquez as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the company's Latin America division effective January 15th. "His [Marquez] experience in driving transformation, customer growth and retention, increasing revenue and improving margin for a global corporation will be of great value to Diebold's turnaround efforts."

-NCR unveiled today their NCR Cloud Connect: a powerful, cloud-based ecosystem of digital services for retailers. It allows retailers to quickly and easily introduce these new services over their NCR POS or loyalty and marketing solutions.


January 7, 2014

- This day in history: 1789 marked the first Presidential election. Won by General George Washington, who was sworn into office on April 30, 1789.

- Wincor Nixdorf takes over Datec Retail Systems headquartered in the Czech Republic, strengthening their expertise and software portolio for retail companies.

- According to BBC, ATMs in Europe were compromised after malware was uploaded to the machin'es mainboard via USB drives.  Once the Malware became live the thieves were able to enter a 12 digit code using the pinpad that enabled them to view the contents of the machine, and make withdrawals.

- Bitcoins for ATMs with the rise of bitcoin rumors spreading within the ATM industry, Robocoin announced pending ATM installations in HongKong, Taiwan and Toronto.


January 6, 2014

This day in history (1838) Morse demonstrates the telegraph.

- British Provider of ATM Parts and services, Cennox has announced its acquisition of the Missoula, Mont. based firm - The Sterling Group Inc. This acquisition will solidify Cennox's foundation within the U.S. as well as expanding their expertise in the ATM Parts and services industry.



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