EMV Deadlines

For what seems to be a decade of rumors and speculation, EMV has been on the back of everyone’s mind in the financial industry. Is it really happening? If so when, and what are we supposed to do?

March 2012 was the famous deadline date to adopt the 2010 ADA Standards. Then, just over a year later, in April of 2013, POS and ATM Maestro Processors had to have the ability to support EMV transactions in accordance to MasterCard and Visa.

The upcoming year will be focused on both the Windows 7 software migration as well as the EPP7 requirement to remain PCI compliant followed by VISA's April 2015 liability shift deadline lingers over ATM acquirer processors to support EMV transactions.

As for ATM distributors:

Why you should choose to remember October

At this point the major deadlines fall during in the months of October for the next three years.

October 1, 2015 will be the time when Counterfeit card fraud liability shifts to merchants for POS Terminals. (Except fuel selling automated terminals)

October 1, 2016 will be the liability shift to ATM Owners for fraud committed through any Mastercard debit cards. Meaning we need to be EMV compliant by this date!!

October 1, 2017 will be VISA’s EMV deadline for the liability shift to ATM Owners in regards to fraud committed through Visa debit cards. This significant EMV liability shift date will also include Fuel selling terminals. will keep you in the loop of the EMV migration, bringing you the latest and most relevant news regarding important dates on upgrades and compliance issues.

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