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EMV Card Reader Cleaning Card

Sold in packs of 3, 10 or 50. This EMV Card Reader Cleaning Card features waffletechnology and miracle magic solution to safely and effectively clean EMV card readers on all models.

Manufacturer part number: KW3-AHSCB40M

EMV Cleaning Card Pack *

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EMV Card Reader Cleaning Card (3, 10, or 50 pack)

This EMV Card Reader Cleaning Card features waffletechnology and Miracle Magic Solution to safely and effectively clean EMV card readers on all models. This single-use disposable card cleaner is easy to use. Simply insert and slide to lengthen lifespan of your ATM or POS card reader.

Waffletechnology is the leader in cleaning card technology. Technology is designed with raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces. This increases effectiveness in cleaning recessed sensors. Once accepted by the ATM, it will clean the top of the magnetic heads, the card pathways, transport belts and guide rollers. Use this product once per week to help avoid ATM and POS card misreads.

Miracle Magic Solution is an innovative cleaning agent designed for device interior mechanisms and surfaces. This is an IPA alternative cleaning solution that is universally safe on lenses, belts, and rollers. The solution also provides a slight protective coating to slow the build-up of contaminants after cleaning.   

Why cleaning cards are important

Cleaning card technology allows for a thorough cleaning of transaction devices, such as card and check readers, receipt printers and bill validators, without costly outside technical assistance. Used as preventive maintenance or to quickly correct device errors, these products remove dirt and other contaminants that inhibit the device from working properly. Each transaction device requires specific cleaning products. Choose the right product for your device for proper maintenance.    

Products specifications
ATM Parts Card Readers
ATM Model(s) G1900
ATM Parts Accessories
ATM Model(s) G2500
ATM Model(s) GT3000
ATM Model(s) 1700W
ATM Model(s) C4000
ATM Model(s) E4000
ATM Model(s) 1800
ATM Model(s) 1800CE
ATM Model(s) 1800SE
ATM Model(s) 2700CE
ATM Model(s) MB1500
ATM Model(s) MB2000
ATM Model(s) MB2100
ATM Model(s) MB2100T
ATM Model(s) MB2500
ATM Model(s) MB5100T
ATM Model(s) MM5000
ATM Model(s) MM5050
ATM Model(s) MX5300CE
ATM Model(s) IS1000
ATM Model(s) IS2000
ATM Model(s) TIDEL3100
ATM Model(s) TIDEL3300
ATM Model(s) TIDEL3600
ATM Model(s) 8100
ATM Model(s) 9100
ATM Model(s) 9600
ATM Model(s) 9700
ATM Model(s) FT5000
ATM Model(s) MAKO
ATM Model(s) RL1600
ATM Model(s) RL1600
ATM Model(s) RL2000
ATM Model(s) RL5000
ATM Model(s) RT2000
ATM Model(s) 1700
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