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Trucks, Chains and Superglue.

Police officials in Iowa say, ATMs are still attractive targets for unconventional methods of theft.

Stand alone ATMs and machines mounted in walls are still left un-monitored despite the fact many machines are under video surveillance. The knowledge that surveillance systems are primarily used as a deterrent has criminals more confident in pulling off smash and grab attempts at a rate similar to bank heists in the 70s. The difference lies in the fact that no violence or acts of aggression are needed to pull off an ATM heist, making criminals believe they are committing less of a crime and is therefore being “less of a risk”, says Kelly Willis, a retired police captain.

Most criminals have learned that pulling off an ATM heist, or smash and grab really only requires a chain and vehicle. The return, however maybe minimal due to the fact that the machines are in constant use throughout the day, and may very well be empty. In order for them to ensure the machine stays full by the time it’s tied to their trailer hitch, super glue is applied to the card reader, disabling any customer from pulling cash out of the machines.

The best way to catch glue hardened crime before your machine is ripped from the ground is to constantly monitor your ATMs activity using portal sites or applications. A half a day without activity should raise a red flag for most ATM owners. Surveillance can be a nice deterrent, “but without anyone monitoring you may end up getting is a record of yourself being victimized,” says Tom Conly, owner of Conley Security Group. Your best solution to the most severe smash and grab attempts are ATM surrounds, level one safe and ATM alarms. All three solutions are guaranteed to keep criminals from finishing the job, and maybe putting all that super glue to a more constructive use.