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What to look for in an ATM

Determining the type of ATM is important to both you and your client.  Constantly asking questions will get you something you’re really looking for. I’m here to clear up everything and anything I can to make your decision easy and enjoyable.

Functionality, Simplicity and Affordability

Functionality and convenience has been a major selling point for many of our IADs.  Depending on the model of ATM terminal youwill find out very quickly what you may want with your next ATM. The option to stay with that model in the future will be on your mind while you continue to build your ATM empire.  In my experience ATM distributors have always found the MB1500 by Nautilus Hyosung to be a classic, a “Beast” and the “Iron Man” of all ATMs.  Though this retail ATM is discontinued it can still be found online if you look hard enough. And the purpose for such praise was its simplicity, easy to program, straightforward in terms of entering bill counts under the settlement option and most importantly, affordability.

Programming an ATM with a blindfold on

At one point we were competing here at the office with who can program an Automated Teller Machine the fastest while blindfolded.  Because of it's simplicity, we deployed thousands of 1500s, and our clients became accustomed to them.  The MB4000 and MB1700 are both testaments to the fact that Hantle and Nautilus Hyosung wanted to appease their customers while advancing other aspects.  Being able to connect your ATM through an internet connection became a significant milestone in terms of speed and reliability.  Phone lines and dial up modems are a dying technology (most of which was created in the ‘50s) so a transition to a more efficient method is crucial.

The emergence of TCP and IP connection

Many ATMs offer the capability of using the internet directly via an Ethernet port, however, for those that do not you will need some type of conversion unit.  We offer a Systech box that will do just that, convert a dial tone into a TCP/IP connection. This way you can at least keep any existing ATMs up to date with technology.  The overall cost of the machine will increase slightly with an internet ready ATM machine that runs on Windows based software. Though, chances are your customer won’t care about the style of machine, as long as they can get to one.  So if you plan on getting your hands on something fancy, make sure the location is equally fancy (i.e. A hotel or a club). If you have any questions, be sure to give ATMTRADER.COM a visit and see for yourself the benefit of each Hantle, Hyosung, Triton and GenMega.