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Ensuring Security for your ATM Business

Some of the biggest issues with ATMs are security.  Though the migration to EMV has begun, the Unites States is still heavily dependant on mag-stripe cards.  Though it is true that counterfeit-fraud hasn’t been limited to ATMs, it still accounts for $1 Billion of the $8.6 Billion lost each year.  These attacks have included card-counterfeit fraud and FI hacking and component manipulation. The best way to protect yourself and your company? Keep your machines up to date.


There was a time when our products were built to last. Cars were made of an indestructible material known as metal, and now it seems that more and more people purchase products consciously knowing they plan on replacing them within two years. Electronic companies have been notorious for creating products that require replacement in order to keep up with demands since 2007.  Their purpose? Entertainment.

However, the ATM industry has a different purpose and that is security in convenience.  Updates to ATMs serve both the ATM owner and customer. Much like constantly updating your computer’s anti-virus software, it is essential to keep your ATM up to date for security reasons. The longer your PC based ATM holds any specific version of software, the more susceptible it is to hacking.

Your hardware isn’t as updated as software, but it is important to remember how critical it is to keep your ATM physically secure. Hardware updates and even general upkeep can make the difference between a secure machine and a machine at risk.  High-security pick resistant locks can be customized for your machine and can work in conjunction with third party-security and alarm devices.  Remember, you can never put a cost limit on the protection of your investment.


Remote ATM monitoring sites, bank and shopping sites are all targets that hackers can exploit. Keep your passwords unique, anything related to your settlement account can have a massive impact on your daily business. Email is often disregarded, but should be highly protected. If a hacker controls your email, they have access to user names and passwords, contacts, critical data and ultimately your life.

Use remote key entry

If the option is available, you may be able to remotely enter keys from a remote site, removing the human error factor as well as any shoulder surfing attempts to uncover data while entering keys in manually at a terminal.

Ensure you are Partnered with a Well-Trusted Provider

Updates are inevitable, if your ATM Provider has a plan and will push to ensure your business is safe, then your relationship is a solid one.