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Blog posts of '2014' 'October'

Secure Spot: Know when to load your machines.

It's a dangerous industry and your route can having you feeling quite vulnerable. So it should be no surprise that you find yourself meticulously planning out your route the day before. Usually new clients will ask how much should be loaded in their machine, and how often. However the most important point next to keeping your business running, is ensuring it's security.

Like most criminal activity (especially when it comes to common forms of theft) trends and patterns can always be unveiled. A BAI Global study found that an ATM crime is committed for every 2 million transactions, resulting in about 5,500 crimes a year. In order to stay ahead of criminal activity it's important to understand what your customers are aware of when they visit your terminals.

Here are a few tips an everyday consumer should know when making a withdrawal at an ATM:

1 - Select an ATM in a well lit area.

2 - Avoid ATMs with barriers such as bushes or walls that can provide convenient hiding spots.

3 - Do not select an ATM at the corner of a building, which can create blindsides. Reduce the element of surprise by selecting an ATM at the center of a building.

4 - Use an ATM with built-in or surrounding cameras.

5 - Maintain an awareness of your surroundings; do not become so involved with your transaction that you find yourself oblivious to what is happening around you.

6 - Arrive at the ATM Prepared.

Now let's apply these tips to our route:

- Avoid installing ATMs in dark areas, around barriers and where no cameras present. This will also reduce your vulnerability when you load your machine.

- Maintaining awareness and being prepared before you leave your vehicle will make your loading session significantly safer.

- Always consider the most beneficial route, this of course applies to both your geographical route, as well as the decisions you make along the way. For example, instead of pulling out a wad of cash consider a purchasing an extra cassette, pre-loaded with cash so that all you have to do is swap the cassettes. 

Finally, do your research!

Did you know that the safest time of the day nationwide is 4:00AM - 8:00AM?

Of course most businesses that our ATMs are located in are closed at this time, so you'll have to know when crimes reach their peak throughout the day. 

Traditionally bank robberies occurred on Fridays between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, this is when it was believed banks carried the most cash in their safes in preparation for large amounts of withdrawals, since most companies typically pay their employees on a Fridays.

ATM robberies can occur any time of any day, depending on an ATMs location. However it is much safer to to load your machines in the middle of the week and during the weekends. So avoid loading your machines on Mondays and Fridays.

Some affordable accessories you can purchase are deterrents such as cameras and decals that make it known the ATM is under surveillance. A level-one safe can greatly reduce the chances of a smash and grab, a valuable asset when your machine is in an area such as a street corner. An ATM alarm with a key-switch can force any criminal to give up while attempting to de-bolt a machine.

Crime is never ending, but it can be greatly reduced with the right strategy.

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