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Switching 3G to 4GLTE Wireless Modem

3G wireless shutdown


Don’t let your ATM go down!

What is the 3G Wireless Shutdown?

Since the beginning of 2019, wireless service providers have been upgrading their 3G towers with the faster 4G towers and will end service by 2022.


Why are you reminding me now?

Many ATMs have been affected by the shut down of the 3G towers. By replacing your 3G wireless modems early, you can avoid delays and loss in revenue.


How do I know if I have to upgrade?

If you are experiencing down time due to connectivity issues, we recommend to check your modem and make sure it is a 4GLTE modem. You are required to upgrade your modem.

Moreover, all 3G wireless modems will completely stop working by the dates listed:


Model Upgrade Required: XWG-100, AT 8100, AT 8110, SL-800, SL-8110, DPL, XWG-100-S, 8110-SL-S


If you have questions regarding your wireless unit(s) with us, please contact: 


How do I upgrade?

Replace it with our fast and reliable XCELLERATE 4G LTE WIRELESS MODEM. With faster connection speeds and shorter transaction times, your business will increase revenue in no time!

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